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What we do

Emendo is an independent corporate finance advisory and investment boutique

  • Our focus & values
  • Financial strategic advisory
  • Entrepreneurial partnerships

Our focus & values

Emendo Capital is an independent corporate finance advisory and investment boutique serving corporate, investor and governmental clients. We provide distinctive and independent corporate finance advice across a broad range of industries.

We are determined in our commitment to deliver quality, integrity and creativity. We focus on providing pragmatic, result-driven advice and strive for the development of long-term partnerships with our clients. We are willing to take an entrepreneurial approach by co-investing with our partners where appropriate.

  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Quality
  • Pragmatism
  • Creativity

Financial strategic advisory

Emendo Capital offers a wide range of top-level financial and strategic advisory services, ranging from assisting in highly competitive auctions to strategic decision-making support. Through our independence, willingness to commit and focus on long-term results, clients can be confident we serve their interests best.

We have a proven track record of successfully executing complex transactions, both national and international. We open an extensive network of seasoned industry experts, (inter)national investors and advisors, enabling us to provide our clients with unique capabilities to optimise the outcome of our assignment.

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • strategic decision making support
  • shareholder strategies
  • restructuring
  • capital raising and financing
  • business development

Entrepreneurial partnerships

Emendo Capital aspires to be a true partner for the entrepreneurs, companies and investors we work with. This implies that – when desired and opportune – we are willing to co-invest our advisory fees in projects or are operationally involved to demonstrate our commitment to the advice we provide.

In addition, we also invest our own capital on a case-by-case basis in select investment opportunities. Generally, we do this in a partnership with informal investors who have profound experience in the sector at hand. This allows Emendo to be flexible with respect to transaction structuring, and makes alternate holding periods possible to truly enable a long-term partnership.

  • business development
  • restructuring
  • hands-on support
  • arranging financing
  • industry experts
  • relationship network


The right insights for an investment opportunity require independence and integrity. Clients must be 100% sure that its only their interests that matter

  • + - 1. Partnership

    Emendo Capital aims to establish long-term partnerships with clients based on sustainable value creation and complete alignment of interests. Our entrepreneurial approach makes us a proactive and involved partner and we are willing to commit to our advice by co-investing when desired and opportune.

  • + - 2. Dedicated and independent team

    Emendo Capital's team consists of seasoned professionals with a proven track record of successfully executing transactions in various countries and industries. We are completely independent, so our clients can be assured that we put their interests above anything else.

  • + - 3. Quality & Creativity

    Emendo Capital constantly prioritises quality, creativity and innovation while focussing on accuracy and excellence in everything we do in order to achieve the best results. We deliver bulge bracket investment banking services of the highest standards, but with the flexibility and creativity of a boutique firm. We also offer support in implementation of our ideas.

  • + - 4. Industry knowledge

    Emendo Capital believes most value can be realised through thorough understanding of key value drivers for companies and industries. We therefore go beyond the 'standard' scope of financial advisory services and help clients to empower their value optimisation efforts.

  • + - 5. Relationship network

    It is Emendo Capital’s believe that the access to industry experts, the (inter)national investor community, financing banks and local advisory firms can benefit any opportunity or idea. We connect our clients and partners to our broad network to leverage specific industry knowledge and create a competitive advantage in transactions.


We work on a variety of assignments for both corporate, investor and government clients and have a combined experience of over 35 years

Elmer Jutte

Education: MSc. Financial and Business Economics, Vrije University Amsterdam
Advanced Valuation & Acquisitions Finance Courses, Amsterdam Institute of Finance

Matthijs Vink

Education: MSc. Business Economics & LLM. Dutch Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc. International Business Studies, Essec Business School Paris (France)

Peter van Leersum

Education: MSc. Financial Management, Tilburg University
MSc. Finance, EDHEC (France)

Kevin Koppen

Education: MSc. Finance & Investments, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Lucas Luyten

Education: MSc. Business Engineering, University of Antwerp
MSc. Finance & Investments, Erasmus University Rotterdam


Emendo is always looking to add talented and committed people to its team.

Open positions

Associate partners

We selectively expand our team with senior advisors if and when we believe this will benefit the proposition to our clients. These partners usually have extensive operational experience in a specific sector on board level and therefore contribute to increased understanding of a business case from multiple angles.


Highlighted assignments



Advisor regarding the sale of Ecofys to Navigant

Antin Infrastructure Partners

Antin Infrastructure Partners

Advisor regarding the EUR 875m acquisition of Eurofiber from Doughty Hanson and Reggeborgh



Advisor regarding the acquisition of AKG Kunststof Groep from Wadinko

Astorg Partners

Astorg Partners

Advisor regarding the acquisition of a majority stake in M7 Group from an Investor Group led by Providence Equity

BMW Group

BMW Group

Advisor regarding the sale of Noordlease

Provincie Zeeland

Provincie Zeeland

Advisor regarding the shareholder strategy for multi- utility company Delta. Transaction support on projects of Delta’s subsidiaries, such as the sale of waste company Indaver

Artexis Easyfairs

Artexis Easyfairs

Advisor regarding the acquisition of Evenementenhal from H2 Equity Partners and ABN AMRO Participaties

The Datacenter Group

The Datacenter Group

Advisor regarding the CEO-led management buy-out of TDCG

Seed Processing Holland

Seed Processing Holland

Acquisition of a majority stake in Seed Processing Holland

Zorg van de Zaak

Zorg van de Zaak

Advisor regarding the acquisition of Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis in Beverwijk

Claims Corporation Network

Claims Corporation Network

Advisor regarding the acquisition of Capita’s insurance services business in Denmark



Advisor of the Management Board regarding the restructuring and merger of the hospital


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